Foundation For Black Women - How To Apply Foundation Makeup Perfectly


In order to ensure that your foundation looks perfect, follow these simple tips on how to apply foundation for black skin just like the experts.

What you will need

  • Face moisturiser
  • Foundation makeup
  • Makeup sponge

After you have washed your face and patted it dry, take your moisturiser and massage it into your face, taking care around the eyes. This will create a fantastic base on which to apply your makeup. The moisturiser will stop the skin from drying out and help it maintain it suppleness.

Using your fingers, dab a little of your foundation on your forehead, chin and one dab on each cheek. You only need small dabs as foundation does go a long way.

Take your sponge and slowly start to smooth the foundation out over your skin. Keep doing this until you have a light covering of the foundation over your whole face.

Be sure that the foundation is very light and evenly spread especially around the eyes, under the chin and along the jaw line. Blend the foundation in using the sponge so that your complexion looks natural on your face. It should not look like you are wearing a mask. Take your time to get this right as your foundation is the base for your whole look. If it is done incorrectly, the rest of your make up will look odd.

Finally, take some loose powder to set your foundation. The powder should be the same shade as your foundation. It helps increase the staying power of your foundation.


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