Foundation For Black Skin – The Characteristics Of Black Skin

Use flawless foundation for black women just like Angela Bassett

In order to choose the right foundation for your skin colour, you need to understand the characteristics of your skin. Black skin can differ vastly from people with white skin so if you are able to identify the important elements, you will be able to choose the correct type of foundation makeup to suit your skin tone.

The main difference between black skin and white skin

Black skin has more melanin or pigmentation. This is what determines your colour tone.

Black skin has a naturally built in protection against the effects of the sun.

Black skin does not tend to show the visible signs of aging as obviously as white skin.

Melanin is what determines your skin colour. The more your body produces the darker your skin tone. Certain things that stimulate melanin production include:

The sun – your skin reacts and the effect is a suntan

Spots and rashes – As soon you get acne or a rash your skin wants to heal itself so it produces more melanin around the affected area. This then results in leaving you with dark patches that can take a long time to fade and sometimes do not fade at all.

Acne remedies – The active ingredients will increase melanin production. Sometimes your acne is cured but you are left with acne scars.

The medical name for this increased stimulation of melanin that leaves the dark patches is called post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This is something that occurs naturally to the skin so you will not be able to avoid it. However, if you choose the right foundation for black skin, you can even out your skin tone successfully and with ease.


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