Finding The Perfect Foundation For Black Skin

Know your skin tone to pick the right foundation makeup

If you want to ensure that you are buying the correct foundation colour for your skin you need to know what the characteristics are and how skin tones are identified. The perfect foundation for black skin can vary depending on the hue of your skin.

These are the usual classifications that cosmetic companies will use in order to help differentiate their products according to skin types and skin tones.

Definition of Skin Tones

Light skin has undertones of yellow and olive

Skin complexion is Ivory or porcelain

Light to medium skin has undertones of yellow and red

Skin complexion is light olive or ash brown

Medium to dark skin tone has undertones of golden brown

Skin complexion is medium olive or rose brown

Dark skin tone has undertones of red and brown

Skin complexion is dark olive, dark brown and black

Once you have identified your own skin tone, you can find perfect foundation for your colouring.


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